Carbon steel corrosion controlled by vegetable polyol phosphate, in medium containing chloride and glyoxal: influence of phosphate content and CO2

Glyoxal is a potential sequestrant of H2S in the pre-salt exploration. However, the mixture containing packer fluid and glyoxal is corrosive. The addition of an eco-friendly polyol phosphate acts as corrosion inhibitor of the AISI 1020 in this environment. The objective of the present work was to st...

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Main Authors: Rita Cristina da Silva, Melissa Heinen, Gabriel A. Lorenzi, Demétrius W. Lima, João Henrique Lingner Moura, Jamili M. de Freitas, Emilse M.A. Martini, Cesar L. Petzhold
Format: Article
Published: Elsevier 2019-05-01
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