On the possibility to improve mixed uranium-plutonium fuel in fast reactors

Accumulation of plutonium extracted from the spent nuclear fuel (SNF) of light water reactors is one of the central problems in nuclear power. To reduce out-of-the-reactor Pu inventory, leading nuclear power countries (France, Japan) use plutonium in light water power reactors in the...

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Main Authors: Vladimir A. Eliseev, Dmitry A. Klinov, Noël Camarcat, David Lemasson, Clement Mériot, Vyacheslav A. Pershukov, Vladimir M. Troyanov, Heloise Velardo
Format: Article
Published: National Research Nuclear University (MEPhI) 2020-06-01
Series:Nuclear Energy and Technology
Online Access:https://nucet.pensoft.net/article/51587/download/pdf/

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