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    ... Oslo Hydropolis is a running landscape and urbanism design studio at the Oslo School...
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    by Sigmund Karterud, Elfrida Hartveit Kvarstein
    Published 2019-07-01
    ... treatment in Oslo, Norway....
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    by Tijhuis, Laurentius
    Published 2003
    ... and 24 samples of sand from sandboxes at kindergartens taken in Oslo, the capital city of Norway, were...
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    Doctoral Thesis
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    by Ted Erho
    Published 2018-03-01
    ... The Kulturhistorisk museum in Oslo possesses a small collection of ten Ethiopic codices...
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    by Karsten Jørgensen
    Published 2018-12-01
    ... explores the politics surrounding the parks realised in Oslo in the 1920s and 30s, which was critiqued in a...
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    by Nordahl, Siv Helene
    Published 2012
    ... at a specific location in Oslo, Norway. The motivating factor in this study has been the growth...
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    by Hinrichsen, Hendrik
    Published 2020
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    by Pollicott, Paul D.
    Published 1987
    ... of the Ordovician of the Oslo region is also figured. Research has concentrated particularly upon the Palaeocopa...
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    by Tone Skramstad
    Published 1999-12-01
    Subjects: ...Oslo...
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    by Astrid O. Sundsbø
    Published 2016-04-01
    ...This paper discusses the increasing attractiveness of inner-city areas of eastern Oslo...
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    ...The University of Oslo Science Library holds a large collection of SF literature. The collection...
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    by Vidar Gynnild
    Published 2019-01-01
    ... ved Universitetet i Oslo. Før 01.08.14 hadde de nye sensorene ved sensurklage tilgang til resultatene...
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    ... in ambulances, an outpatient clinic, and hospitals in Oslo.</p> <p>Results</p> <p>A total of 3757 health service...
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    ...We present here the global chemical transport model Oslo CTM3, an update of the Oslo CTM2...
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