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    by Mangu, Muyamba
    Published 2018
    ... them. The establishment of protected areas is a worldwide practice that intends to defend biodiversity...
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    ... of the ecological fiscal transfers (EFT) in the policy-making process of adopting protected areas by municipal...
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    by M. Toker, E. Çolak, F. Sunar
    Published 2021-06-01
    ...Protected areas are important with land or water body ecosystems that have biodiversity, flora...
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  4. 104
    by Nurul Barizah
    Published 2020-06-01
    ...The purpose of this study is to review international patent policy related to biotechnological...
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    ... as protected areas, due to their rich biodiversity and threatened habitats. The focus of this contribution...
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  7. 107
    by Riofrio Piché, Mélanie
    Published 2015
    Subjects: ...Accords bilatéraux de promotion et protection des investissements...
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  8. 108
    by Qiong Gao, Mei Yu
    Published 2014-01-01
    ... to the effective implementation of laws/regulations for wetland protection. The peak forest fragmentation shifted...
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    by Qiu, W.
    Published 2010
    ... on market-based approaches arguably leads to failures in protecting the interests of biodiversity and local...
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  13. 113
    by Mori Sarti, Otávio
    Published 2013
    ... market accomplishment, for reacting to overproduction/protectionism concerns and for aggregating value...
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  15. 115
    by Maria Yolanda Teran
    Published 2016-07-01
    Subjects: ...national and international laws...
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    ... pendientes que quedan en dicha materia. Abstract Public policies, in general terms, are defined...
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