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    ...This article aims to explain how communication affects the individual, both organizationally...
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    by Salvatore Settineri, Nunzio Femminò
    Published 2019-04-01
    ...Mediterranean Journal of Clinical Psychology...
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    by Т. Ю. Ковалевська
    Published 2018-08-01
    ...The article substantiates the complex nature of communicative influence, reveals the specifics...
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    by Andrés Roussos
    Published 2014-06-01
    ... is communicated. These transformations affect not only our access to knowledge, but fundamental aspects related...
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    by Bihunov D. O.
    Published 2018-02-01
    Subjects: ...effective communication...
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    by Fullwood, Christopher
    Published 2003
    ...This thesis investigates whether certain practices improve the use of video-mediated communication...
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    by V. Mazilov
    Published 2017-09-01
    ...The article describes the communicative methodology of psychology. It is usually called...
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    by Kobiyasova I.V.
    Published 2011-03-01
    Subjects: ...algorithm of communication...
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    by Nataliia Honcharuk, Liana Onufriieva
    Published 2018-10-01
    Subjects: ..., neuropsychological, psychoperceptual, psycholinguistic, social and psychological levels of communicative actions...
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    by Aurel PERA
    Published 2017-08-01
    Subjects: ...educational communication...
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    by Pyannikov Mikhail Mikhailovich
    Published 2013-01-01
    ... inalienable part is the information culture. The information-communication competence is the basis...
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    by K. Remizova
    Published 2018-04-01
    Subjects: ...interpersonal communication...
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    by Sherr, Lorraine
    Published 1989
    ...Communication, anxiety and satisfaction during pregnancy was examined. Ley (1977) presents a...
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    Subjects: ...information-communication competence, interpsychical processes, intropsychical processes...
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    by YANG, YA-HWEI, 楊雅惠
    Published 2016
    ... used multiple regression analysis method to explore the relationship between psychological factors...
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