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    by El Kadiri, Soumaya
    Published 2009
    ... of product lifecycle; meeting the needs of product quality improvement, process control and delays reduction...
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    by Bretagne, Valérie
    Published 2007
    ...La thèse porte sur l'intervention d'artistes dans les ateliers d'insertion sociale. Un ancrage...
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    by Boucher, Mathieu, Boucher, Mathieu
    Published 2019
    ...L’apprentissage d’un instrument de musique requiert de nombreuses heures de travail que le musicien...
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    Doctoral Thesis
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    by Tallot, Lucille
    Published 2015
    ... un contrôle temporel fin du comportement dans une situation Pavlovienne aversive. Dans un deuxième...
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    by Annisa Fidya Lestari, Ratna Setyaningsih
    Published 2018-12-01
    ... to growth process. The factor that can affect successful of KRPL program is parents’ education level...
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    by Heri Sukendar W
    Published 2013-11-01
    ... instruments can be used to sue the polluters to control their economic activities. Selection of economic...
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    ...IJEIS (Indonesian Journal of Electronics and Instrumentation Systems)...
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    by Sassi, Sonia
    Published 2016
    ... for future modelling (which can lead to the complete control of the curing process), a multi-scale...
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    ... class as an experimental class and class VII B as the control class. The research instruments are test...
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    by Andi Dharmawan, Ivan Fajar Arismawan
    Published 2017-04-01
    ...IJEIS (Indonesian Journal of Electronics and Instrumentation Systems)...
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    by Fahrul Rozi, Subhan El Hafiz
    Published 2018-11-01
    ... respondents. The instrument used were Parental Authory Questionnaire Scale (PAQ) created by Buri (1991), scale...
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