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    by Petter Naess
    Published 2003-06-01
    ... influence on travelling distances, modal split between car and non-motorized transport, and energy use...
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    by Brooks, Jennifer C.
    Published 2011
    ...This thesis uses qualitative methodology to explore the role of identity shaping travel behaviour...
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    by Tomás Ruiz, Rosa Arroyo, Lidón Mars, Daniel Casquero
    Published 2018-12-01
    Subjects: behaviour change program...
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    by Maréchal, Séverine
    Published 2016
    ..., investigating its role in the choice of travel, and jointly modelling both behaviours. A novel conceptual...
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    by Jin Yingying, Yang Jingjing, Hu Jin
    Published 2021-01-01
    ... between people’s travel attitude and behaviour. This study has critically reviewed, compared...
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    by Kasim, Yaziz
    Published 2007
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    by Stanbridge, Karen Lesley
    Published 2007
    ... into understanding travel behaviour, and identifying opportunities to effect travel behaviour change has grown...
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    by Sultan, Zahid
    Published 2012
    ... between spatial planning and household travel behaviour. This study is based on multi-method approach (a...
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    by Asad, F. H. A.
    Published 2013
    ... were found to be within the city centre catchment area. In contrast, the travel behaviour models...
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    by Kevin Manaugh, Ahmed El-Geneidy
    Published 2012-12-01
    ..., and trip characteristics on their travel behaviour, especially the localization of these trips. A new...
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    by Söder, Isabelle
    Published 2019
    Subjects: demand modelling...
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    by Bert van Wee, Hans Holwerda, Rick van Baren
    Published 2002-09-01
    ...Nowadays almost all researchers focusing on the impact of land use on travel behaviour examine...
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    by Jorma Kytömäki
    Published 1973-01-01
    ... of the attraction of centres on spatial patterns of con­sumer behaviour: the decline in strength of the attraction...
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    by Adam Radzimski, Jędrzej Gadziński
    Published 2019-07-01
    Subjects: behaviour...
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    by Eva Heinen, Ruth L. Steiner, Karst T. Geurs
    Published 2015-01-01
    ... on relations between the built environment and travel behaviour. The contributions complement each other...
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