Katarzyna Weiglowa

Burning of Katarzyna Weiglowa (Malcherowa) by [[Jan Matejko Katarzyna Weiglowa (Wajglowa) (German: Katherine Weigel; given erroneously in a Polish source of 17c. as Vogel, and known in many English sources as Catherine Vogel) (circa 1460 – April 19, 1539), was a Polish woman who was burned at the stake for apostasy. She converted from Roman Catholicism to Judaism or to Judaizing nontrinitarianism, and was executed in Kraków after she refused to call Jesus Christ the Son of God. She is regarded by Unitarians and Jews (among others) as a martyr.

She was born Katarzyna Zalasowska, a daughter of Stanisław Zalasowski and widow of Melchior Weigel, merchant and councilman of Kraków. Provided by Wikipedia
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