Ping Lu

Ambassador-at-large Lu Ping (), born in Kaohsiung in 1953, is a Taiwanese writer who writes under the pen name “Ping Lu”. Her writing encompasses a broad range of genres, including novels, essays, poems, commentary, and theater plays. She is also known in the Chinese-language world for her critique of social phenomenon, ranging from cultural development to gender issues and human rights. Over the past two decades, Ms. Lu has successfully established herself as a prominent novelist, columnist, and commentator in Taiwan.

Ping Lu (平路), born Lu Ping (路平) in Kaohsiung, is the winner of many major literary awards, including National Award for Arts 國家文藝獎, Taiwan Literature Award for Books 金典獎, and Golden Tripod Awards for Publications 金鼎獎. Holding a B.A. in Psychology from National Taiwan University and an M.A. in Statistics from the University of Iowa, she has served as editor of China Times 《中國時報》 and part-time instructor of Journalism at National Taiwan University. From 2003-2009 she was Taiwan’s ambassador at large and Chairperson of the Kwang Hwa Information and Culture Center in Hong Kong. A novelist, columnist, and writer of great attainments, she has authored many books since 1984, including short-story collections Death in a Cornfield《玉米田之死》and Monica’s Diary《蒙妮卡日記》, novels Taiwan Trilogy—East & Beyond《東⽅之東》, ILHA Formosa《婆娑之島》, and, Passing《夢魂之地》, and essay collections Heart Mandala《袒露的心》, The Gaps《間隙》. Provided by Wikipedia
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