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77 Pizza Salvatore Cuomo (chain)
Salvatore Cuomo Restaurant (chain)
Salvatore Cuomo & Bar (chain)
Salvatore Cuomo Grill (chain)
Mohri Salvatore
Presto Salvatore Cuomo (chain)
6 The Kitchen Salvatore Cuomo (Tokyo, Nagoya, Kyoto, Seoul, Shanghai)
AG (Teppanyaki Restaurant)

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Italian Ichiban & Bar Salvatore
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Salvatore Shigeta (born Salvatore Cuomo) is an Italian-born Japanese celebrity chef, restaurateur and media personality, known for his food-focused television shows and cookbooks, and his restaurants across Asia.

He is known in Japan as "The Pizza Man" and "The Grand Chef". He owns and operates Ystable Corporation, ownedtogether with Seizaburo Kanayama. Provided by Wikipedia
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