Zhang Xin

Zhang in 2019 Zhang Xin (, also known as Xin Zhang and Xin "Shynn" Zhang, born 1965) is a Chinese billionaire businesswoman, having primarily earned her fortune in the real estate industry. With her husband Pan Shiyi, she is the co-founder and former CEO of SOHO China, a Chinese office building developer. She stepped down from the role of CEO on 7 September 2022 “in order to focus on supporting the arts and philanthropic pursuits.” She has since taken on the role of Founder of Closer Media, a New York City-based film production company and financier.

Raised in meager circumstances in Beijing and Hong Kong, where she was a factory worker for a time, Zhang eventually came to own companies responsible for dozens of real estate developments in Beijing and Shanghai. In the mid-2010s, Zhang began a transition from a business model of building and selling properties to one of buying and leasing them. Zhang also acquired large stakes in New York City's Park Avenue Plaza and General Motors Building, and launching the SOHO 3Q shared office space sector for this purpose in February 2015. In 2014, Zhang was listed as the 62nd most powerful woman in the world by ''Forbes'', and is "regularly named one of the top businesswomen in the world." Zhang and her husband were also previously ranked by ''Forbes'' among the "world's most powerful couples." As one of China's best known female entrepreneurs, Zhang has an online following of nearly 10 million on Sina Weibo.

Zhang and Pan founded the SOHO China Foundation in 2005 as a philanthropic organization to engage in education focused initiatives to alleviate poverty. In 2014, the Foundation launched the SOHO China Scholarships to provide financial aid to Chinese undergraduate students at leading international universities. The SOHO China Scholarships support approximately 50 Chinese students pursuing undergraduate degrees at Harvard, Yale, and the University of Chicago. Provided by Wikipedia
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