A Study on Recycling of Spent Mushroom Substrate to Prepare Chars and Activated Carbon

Chars were obtained from spent mushroom substrate (SMS) via pyrolysis. It was found that as the pyrolysis temperature increased from 400 to 700 °C, the char yield decreased from 45.10 to 33.79 wt.% and the higher heating value increased from 17.32 to 22.72 MJ/kg. The largest BET surface area (13 m2/...

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Main Authors: Yuhui Ma, Qunhui Wang, Xiaohong Sun, Xiaoqiang Wang, Wei Su, Na Song
Format: Article
Published: North Carolina State University 2014-05-01
Online Access:http://ojs.cnr.ncsu.edu/index.php/BioRes/article/view/BioRes_09_3_3939_Ma_Recycling_Spent_Mushroom_Substrate