Standardization of anti-lethal toxin potency test of antivenoms prepared from two different Agkistrodon halys venoms

In Korea, antivenoms for the treatment of patients bitten by venomous snakes have been imported from Japan or China. Although there is cross-reactivity between these antibodies and venoms from snakes indigenous to Korea (e.g. Agkistrodon genus), protection is not optimal. Antivenoms specifically pre...

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Main Authors: K. H. Lee, H. J. Won, S. N. Kim, S. H. Yoo, I. S. Shin, K. H. Shin, S. H. Hong, S. H. Lee, H. K. Min, S. N. Park, S. J. Hur
Format: Article
Published: SciELO 2006-01-01
Series:Journal of Venomous Animals and Toxins including Tropical Diseases
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