About Eddy Currents in Induction Melting Processes

In this paper we present a method forcomputing the eddy currents in induction meltingprocesses for non-ferrous alloys. We take intoconsideration the situation when only the crucible ismoving, inside the coils. This fact makes differentialcomputation methods to be hard to apply, because isnecessary t...

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Main Authors: Gafiţa Nicolae-Bogdan, Dorelu-Dragoş BETEA, Claudiu MICH-VANCEA, Ştefan NAGY
Format: Article
Published: Editura Universităţii din Oradea 2008-05-01
Series:Journal of Electrical and Electronics Engineering
Online Access:http://electroinf.uoradea.ro/reviste%20CSCS/documente/JEEE_2008/JEEE_2008_24_Nagy_1.pdf