Experiments and Kinetic Modeling for the Oxidative Decomposition of Herbaceous and Wooden Residues

The thermal characteristics of Paulownia sawdust (PS), bamboo sawdust (BS), rice lemma (RL), and corncob (CC) in an oxidizing atmosphere were investigated using thermogravimetric analysis. The results indicated that the reaction of biomass oxidative decomposition took place in two main phases: devol...

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Main Authors: Guangwei Wang, Jianliang Zhang, Jiugang Shao, Yukun Jiang, Bin Gao, Di Zhao, Donghui Liu, Haiyang Wang, Zhengjian Liu, Kexin Jiao
Format: Article
Published: North Carolina State University 2016-04-01
Online Access:http://ojs.cnr.ncsu.edu/index.php/BioRes/article/view/BioRes_11_2_4821_Wang_Kinetic_Modeling_Oxidative_Decomposition