Mining Novel Candidate Imprinted Genes Using Genome-Wide Methylation Screening and Literature Review

Large-scale transcriptome and methylome data analyses obtained by high-throughput technologies have been enabling the identification of novel imprinted genes. We investigated genome-wide DNA methylation patterns in multiple human tissues, using a high-resolution microarray to uncover hemimethylated...

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Main Authors: Adriano Bonaldi, André Kashiwabara, Érica Araújo, Lygia V. Pereira, Alexandre R. Paschoal, Mayra B. Andozia, Darine Villela, Maria P. Rivas, Claudia K. Suemoto, Carlos A. Pasqualucci, Lea T. Grinberg, Helena Brentani, Silvya S. Maria-Engler, Dirce M. Carraro, Angela M. Vianna-Morgante, Carla Rosenberg, Luciana R. Vasques, Ana Krepischi
Format: Article
Published: MDPI AG 2017-09-01
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