Extended blood group profiles for Malays, Chinese, and Indians in peninsular Malaysia

Abstract Background Blood group antigens are immunogenic polymorphic molecules presented on the surface of RBCs. This study aimed to determine extended blood group profiles (ABO, Rhesus, Kell, Kidd, Duffy, MNS, Cartwright, Dombrock, Colton, Lutheran, and Vel) in Malays, Chinese, and Indians in Penin...

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Main Authors: Che Ghazali Norul Hajar, Zulkafli Zefarina, Nor Suhaila Md. Riffin, Tuan Hulwani Tuan Mohammad, Mohd Nazri Hassan, Prathapan Poonachi, Sabreena Safuan, Gehad ElGhazali, Geoffrey Keith Chambers, Hisham Atan Edinur
Format: Article
Published: SpringerOpen 2020-12-01
Series:Egyptian Journal of Medical Human Genetics
Online Access:https://doi.org/10.1186/s43042-020-00096-y