Ultrasound Versus traditional ageing: physicochemical properties in beef longissimus lumborum

This study aimed to evaluate if high-intensity ultrasound (HIU, 90 W/cm2, 37 kHz, 40 min) application in vacuum-packed beef, generated physicochemical changes comparable to those occurring in wet ageing. Steaks were randomly assigned to the following treatments: CON, control meat without HIU nor age...

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Main Authors: Ivan A. Garcia-Galicia, Vianey G. Gonzalez-Vacame, Mariana Huerta-Jimenez, Luis M. Carrillo-Lopez, Juan M. Tirado-Gallegos, Raul A. Reyes-Villagrana, Alma D. Alarcon-Rojo
Format: Article
Published: Taylor & Francis Group 2020-01-01
Series:CyTA - Journal of Food
Online Access:http://dx.doi.org/10.1080/19476337.2020.1834458