Synthesis of a Novel α-Glucosyl Ginsenoside F1 by Cyclodextrin Glucanotransferase and Its In Vitro Cosmetic Applications

Ginsenosides from <i>Panax ginseng</i> (Korean ginseng) are unique triterpenoidal saponins that are considered to be responsible for most of the pharmacological activities of <i>P. ginseng</i>. However, the various linkage positions cause different pharmacological activities....

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Main Authors: Seong Soo Moon, Hye Jin Lee, Ramya Mathiyalagan, Yu Jin Kim, Dong Uk Yang, Dae Young Lee, Jin Woo Min, Zuly Jimenez, Deok Chun Yang
Format: Article
Published: MDPI AG 2018-11-01
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