Meiosis, spermatogenesis and ultrastructure of the basement membrane of seminiferous tubules in patients with azoospermia

The study objective is to determine the connection between meiosis abnormalities and changes in the basement membrane (BM) ultrastructure of the seminiferous tubules in patients with spermatogenesis disorders: azoospermia or severe oligospermia.Materials and methods. Electron microscopy of BMstructu...

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Main Authors: E. E. Bragina, I. I. Vityazeva, M. A. Lelekova, A. A. Kashintsova, S. V. Bogolyubov, M. Yu. Gabliya, I. V. Vinogradov, V. E. Spanberg, O. L. Kolomiets
Format: Article
Published: ABV-press 2019-04-01
Series:Andrologiâ i Genitalʹnaâ Hirurgiâ
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