A dataset on trophic modes of aquatic protists

An important functional trait of organisms is their trophic mode. It determines their position within food webs, as well as their function within an ecosystem. For the better part of the 20th century, aquatic protist communities were thought to consist mainly of producers (phytoplankton) and consum...

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Main Authors: Lisa Schneider, Konstantinos Anestis, Joost Mansour, Anna Anschütz, Nathalie Gypens, Per Hansen, Uwe John, Kerstin Klemm, Jon Martin, Nikola Medic, Fabrice Not, Willem Stolte
Format: Article
Published: Pensoft Publishers 2020-10-01
Series:Biodiversity Data Journal
Online Access:https://bdj.pensoft.net/article/56648/download/pdf/