Safety evaluation of the food enzyme cyclomaltodextrin glucanotransferase from Paenibacillus illinoisenis strain 107

Abstract The food enzyme cyclomaltodextrin glucanotransferase ((1→4)‐α‐d‐glucan:(1→4)‐α‐d‐glucan 4‐α‐d‐[(1→4)‐α‐d‐glucano]‐transferase; EC is produced with the non‐genetically modified Paenibacillus illinoisenis strain 107 by Hayashibara Co., Ltd. The cyclomaltodextrin glucanotransferase f...

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Main Authors: EFSA Panel on Food Contact Materials, Enzymes and Processing Aids (CEP), Vittorio Silano, José Manuel Barat Baviera, Claudia Bolognesi, Pier Sandro Cocconcelli, Riccardo Crebelli, David Michael Gott, Konrad Grob, Claude Lambré, Evgenia Lampi, Marcel Mengelers, Alicja Mortensen, Gilles Rivière, Inger‐Lise Steffensen, Christina Tlustos, Henk Van Loveren, Laurence Vernis, Holger Zorn, Lieve Herman, Magdalena Andryszkiewicz, Ana Gomes, Yi Liu, Andrew Chesson
Format: Article
Published: Wiley 2020-05-01
Series:EFSA Journal
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