The number of rational points of certain quartic diagonal hypersurfaces over finite fields

Let $p$ be an odd prime and let $\mathbb{F}_q$ be a finite field of characteristic $p$ with order $q=p^s$. For $f(x_1, \cdots, x_n)\in\mathbb{F}_q[x_1, ..., x_n]$, we denote by $N(f(x_1, \cdots, x_n)=0)$ the number of $\mathbb{F}_q$-rational points on the affine hypersurface $f(x_1, \cdots, x_n)=0$....

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Main Authors: Junyong Zhao, Shaofang Hong, Chaoxi Zhu
Format: Article
Published: AIMS Press 2020-03-01
Series:AIMS Mathematics
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