Effects of flotation deinking on the removal of main colors of oil-based inks from uncoated and coated office papers

This paper presents the results of trials to evaluate the color-stripping behaviour of offset printing colors and the effect of coating on deinking performance. Oil-based four-color inks were separately printed as base printing on coated and uncoated white poster paper, and then extensive pulping an...

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Main Authors: Sami Imamoglu, Arif Karademir, Emrah Pesman, Cem Aydemir, Celil Atik
Format: Article
Published: North Carolina State University 2013-02-01
Online Access:http://www.ncsu.edu/bioresources/BioRes_08/BioRes_08_1_45_Imamoglu_KPA_Flotation_Deinking_OilBased_Coated_3281.pdf