Response to PEEP in COVID-19 ARDS patients with and without extracorporeal membrane oxygenation. A multicenter case–control computed tomography study

Background: PEEP selection in severe COVID-19 patients under extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) is challenging as no study has assessed the alveolar recruitability in this setting. The aim of the study was to compare lung recruitability and the impact of PEEP on lung aeration in moderate and...

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Main Authors: Ahaouari, T. (Author), Bayat, S. (Author), Bazzani, A. (Author), Bitker, L. (Author), Boussel, L. (Author), Danjou, W. (Author), Davila, E. (Author), Dhelft, F. (Author), Ferretti, G. (Author), Folliet, L. (Author), Gaillet, M. (Author), Girard, M. (Author), Mezidi, M. (Author), Orkisz, M. (Author), Pozzi, M. (Author), Richard, J.-C (Author), Roux, E. (Author), Sigaud, F. (Author), Terzi, N. (Author), Yonis, H. (Author)
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Published: BioMed Central Ltd 2022
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