The distribution of benthic biomass in hadal trenches: a modelling approach to investigate the effect of vertical and lateral organic matter transport to the seafloor

Most of our knowledge about deep-sea habitats is limited to bathyal (200-3000 m) and abyssal depths (3000-6000 m), while relatively little is known about the hadal zone (6000-11,000 m). The basic paradigm for the distribution of deep seafloor biomass suggests that the reduction in biomass and averag...

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Main Authors: Ichino, Matteo I. (Author), Clark, Malcolm R. (Author), Drazen, Jeffrey C. (Author), Jamieson, Alan (Author), Jones, Daniel O.B (Author), Martin, Adrian P. (Author), Rowden, Ashley A. (Author), Shank, Timothy M. (Author), Yancey, Paul H. (Author), Ruhl, Henry A. (Author)
Format: Article
Published: 2015-06.
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