Development and Evaluation of Superabsorbent Hydrogels Based on Natural Polymers

Superabsorbent hydrogels (SAHs) are three dimensional networks formed by polymers that can absorb aqueous solution of over 100% of their initial weight. This work aimed to develop and characterize SAHs of Chitosan/Xanthan gum (CG), Chitosan/Alginate (CA) and controlled Chitosan (C), Xanthan gum (G),...

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Main Authors: Rejane A. Batista, Paula J. P. Espitia, Daviane M. C. Vergne, António A. Vicente, Paula A. C. Pereira, Miguel A. Cerqueira, José A. Teixeira, Jelena Jovanovic, Patricia Severino, Eliana B. Souto, Juliana C. Cardoso
Format: Article
Published: MDPI AG 2020-09-01
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